Aquasana 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter Reviews in 2020

aquasana under counter water filter review

aquasana 3-stage under counter Water Filter (paid link) is a compact system designed to fit well underneath your sink.

It comes with its own faucet that is a nice addition to the current filtration system, considering the comparatively low-value purpose.

Unlike different under the sink water filters and reverse osmosis systems, the Aquasana is an inline system.

The system uses 3 totally different filters to reduce contaminants and produces clean, sensible tasting water.

One of the great options of this technique is that it leaves natural components like calcium and magnesium in your water.

Not only will it be enough for your body parts to survive, but some people also say that they contribute to higher tasting water.

aquasana 3 stage water filter technology

System Performance Overview

Using an inline design the Aquasana filters touching half a gallon of water each minute. That filtration rate is enough to make sure a gradual offer of water out of the dedicated faucet.

This compact unit needs considerably less space than most under sink water filters. Actually, if you mount it underneath your counter against the back wall you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

Aquasana suggests that the most feed temperature for water going into this technique is 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius).

Additionally, most water force-feed is 80 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

How it works this Filtration System

Aquasana Water Filter Reviews

The Aquasana (paid link) is one of the few filters on the market that is capable of removing chloramines.

Many users on Amazon have reviewed that this is often the explanation they bought the system in the 1st place.

Sometimes water municipalities can use chloramines, rather than the more common chlorine, for decontaminating water.

You must visit your local water municipality to check what chemicals they use in their treatment methods.

The 3 stage filtration method that the aquasana uses is incredibly effective at removing unwanted contaminants and foreign toxins.

Stage One: During this initial stage water flows through activated charcoal, which could be quite common filtration media. Activated charcoal is helpful as a result of it’s an incredible surface area.

On their website, Aquasana states that water going through their filters runs over nearly 2 million square feet of surface area that is comparable to 35 soccer fields. That’s a giant punch for such a small package.

That large surface area allows the activated carbon to filter out a whole host of unwanted toxins and other chemicals.

Stage Two: once going through the activated charcoal, the water next goes through an ion-exchange filter.

Within this filter, water runs through a series of high surface area resin beads. There, unwanted cations (metals) are changed to harmless hydrogen or hydroxyl atoms.

This filtration stage will catch micro-pollutants that the activated charcoal filter didn’t catch.

Stage Three: during the final stage of the filtration method, water passes through a Sub-micron filter.

This filter is capable of scrubbing particles out of the water all the method right down to .35 Microns. This last filter catches any particles that created it through the first two filters.

The Sub-micron filter is very effective at catching cysts that are small, organic compounds that will cause you to sick.

The Guardia cyst could be an example, as it’s comparatively common and has found its way into water supplies before when municipal filtering verified inadequate. However, this cyst is no match for an Aquasana filter.

At anyplace from 7 to 10 microns, it’s simply captured by the Aquasana’s .35 micrometer filter.

All three of the filters utilized in this method is certified by the NSF (Public Health and Safety Organization) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

Both of those freelance certification agencies make sure that a product functions properly and lives up to the claims made by the manufacturer.

Together, the three filters reduce up to 97 of lead, mercury, cysts, herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs from the water.

As I mentioned earlier, the Aquasana doesn’t really remove some present minerals like Ca, Mg, and metal.

While some householders realize this to be a profit, different customers think differently.

If these minerals are in your water at high levels they will cause a bad taste and you’re getting to wish them filtered out.

So you must bear in mind that if you’ve got hard water (high Ca and metal content), the Aquasana isn’t going to be an efficient system for softening your water.

Specification and Design

  • One of the nicest options of the Aquasana water filtration system is that the enclosed water faucet.
  • What sets Aquasana with the exception of different manufacturers is that they offer you a line of colors to decide on from, together with Brushed Nickel, Chrome, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.
  • The Aquasana filtration system also has an automatic alert system. Once a filter is at the top of its life and wishes to get replaced, an alert lightweight can show, letting you know that it’s time to shop for a brand new filter.
  • Once you receive your replacement filter, ever-changing it’s easy. Aquasana has designed the filters to attach and detach without any wrenches or difficult maneuvering.
  • Simply twist off the previous filter and attach the new one. The filters are rated for 6 months or 500 gallons before desirous to be modified.
  • The system weighs 6 pounds and is 12 inches wide, 4.2 inches deep, and 9 inches high.
  • The water faucet is 7 inches high and includes a spout reach of 4.75 inches.


  • This system is simple to put in and takes up the very little area below your sink
  • Very effective 3 stage filtration method
  • Rated as the best purchase for six years in an exceeding row by customers Digest The relatively low initial value


  • Filters should get replaced double as usually as different systems and that they are pricey
  • Slightly less effective filtration than additional comprehensive Reverse osmosis systems
  • A slower rate of flow means that filling up an oversized pan or bottle takes longer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do the filters need to be replaced?


The filter can last for six months; this can be the view of the manufacturer. Generally, the filter can work for a lot of time; it’s up to the level of the area wherever you live in. The filter is work till the coming water tastes aren’t modified.


Why maybe a battery necessary?


The filter unit includes a little battery system… once the time of replacement comes you, got to modification the filter. When you don’t wish to hear the beep sound, then you’ll be able to simply put off the battery. The unit is extremely easy, and that I am fond of it. The style of water is extremely nice.


The containers contain the filters seem to be plastic. Are they BPA free?


The USA FDA doesn’t provide a lot of comforts. There are notable studies are done. and located that low doses of BPA are a lot of harmful than the low doses. The reason is our bodies react to that steroid hormone-mimicking molecule.

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Counter Customer Reviews

  • On Amazon, 151 customers have given this unit an average review of 4.3 out 5.
  • This can be a really smart rating but not great. Many customers expressed issues regarding poor water quality and leaks.
  • 61 of people left this unit a 5-star rating and 7 left it a 1-star rating.

How to install Aquasana 3 stage under counter water filter at home 


Despite having many flaws, the Aquasana could be very effective below the sink filter. It’s simple to put in, takes up very little area, and is comparatively low-cost to buy.

Of course, it also provides a high level of filtration and will a wonderful job of reducing contaminants and toxins from your drink.

The inclusion of an obsessive faucet offered in 3 totally different color choices could be a nice bonus.

The largest disadvantage of this method is that the need to replace the filters every six months. Different systems only want their filters modified every twelve months.

However, with the Aquasana you’re still getting to pay less cash in the long run versus buying drinking water or Brita filters.

It’s an honest investment for any homeowner who needs top quality water in their room.

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter Reviews in 2020

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