Benefits of using Pure Water Filters

Are you confused about the differences between water filters and water purification systems?

You have come to the right place to help clear up the confusion and maybe put you on the road to the right pure water filters that are right for you.

The primary difference between a pure water filter and a purification system is the fact that only purifiers can render viruses inactive using either additional chemicals or electrostatic processes.

Both will pull water from your pipes for drinking, bathing, cooking and cleaning needs but only a purifier helps remove the risk of drinking or using water with active viruses for drinking or cooking.

It is important when looking at pure water filters that you look for absolute pore size of 0.2 microns.

This is the smallest filtering capability available and has been proven to be effective in removing bacteria from water sources with this pore size. You can probably get by with a 0.3 or 0.4 but some bacteria have been known to slip through these larger pores.

Ceramic pure water filters are available in a number of different sizes. Some are portable and can be used when camping, hiking, boating or other outdoor activities where clean water is not available. They are able to remove viruses and bacteria that carbon filters cannot.

Other types of pure water filters include an under-the-counter filter, and reverse osmosis filters and of course units that will filter your entire home’s source of water.

Before deciding on one specific system, you should research the types, brands, and features of pure water filters. Learn everything you can about the differences between filtering systems and purification systems as well as the differences between the different types of filters available for pure water filters.

As mentioned, some are designed for portability while others are intended for the use in your home, motor home, or on a larger water source.

Set a budget and make sure to stick to it. Some of the pure water filters can come with a high price tag so make sure to keep your budget in mind.

PUR Water Filters for Healthy, Domestic Purposes 

Water is one of life’s essential elements which is why countless individuals are paying due attention to its quality and hygiene for domestic use. As a result, many water filtration products and techniques are capturing the attention of the domestic customer base.

Although this trend is an indicator of growing awareness in the market, one must not fall prey to all sorts of misleading information.

This means that it is essential for individuals to base their final decision on thorough research of the type of water filtration product they are choosing for themselves and their loved ones.

Treatment Plant for Water Filtration

A traditional means for receiving filtered water in taps is through the process that it undergoes at water treatment plants.

The basic purpose of this treatment process is to ensure that residents have access to healthy and hygienic water in their homes. However, certain drawbacks of this water filtration system tend to defeat its main purpose.

Initially, the filtration procedure at water treatment plants focuses on eliminating unwanted elements and impurities. A plus point of this step is that many invisible, contaminating elements are also filtered out at the plant.

However, the addition of various chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, etc. makes treated tap water a rather unhealthy option for human consumption. Another factor that is often overlooked is related to the supply system of filtered water.

In other words, the pipelines that chemically filtered water passes through are a matter of great concern. This is because these pipes contain harmful elements, bacteria, etc. which become a part of the water supply. As a result, the supply system results in re-contaminating the filtered water.

These important factors hold a great impact on the popularity of effective water filter products, such as PUR. Water consumption in households can be easily transformed into a safe and healthy process with the use of various PUR water filter products.

Why are PUR Products Essential for Your Home

There are various benefits of using PUR water filtration products, mainly for domestic purposes. This is because of the high-quality water that you receive from these products gives you a glass full of health every time.

At the same time, using PUR water filters enables individuals to be certain about the quality of nutritional value of the food they cook that contains water. Whether it is used to boil vegetables or included in the chicken stock, water from PUR filtration products ensures high standards of safety.

A great, additional advantage of these products is their wide range. In order to meet the diverse requirements of individual households, PUR water filter products are available in these types:

PUR Faucet Filter

PUR Refrigerator Water Filter

PUR Water Pitcher

Irrespective of the product choice between PUR Water Pitcher, PUR Faucet Filter, or PUR Refrigerator Water Filter; domestic users need not stress about the purity of the water they consume.

PUR filter products produce water with a great flavor which is free from contaminating elements and harmful chemicals. To top it all, these products are simple to maintain with extended life because of good quality PUR water filter replacement options.


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