Best Water Purification Methods for Your home

purify water for drinking

What Water Purification Methods do you prefer for your drinking water? Are you looking to install a filter system above or under your kitchen counter, to install in your basement?

Are you looking for filtration method that can last long so you don’t have to change the filter often?

How would you like to cut down on your grocery expenses by ditching bottled water?  If you are looking for the best filtration method to answer all those questions for you, the best place for water filter information is here.

Reasons to filter your tap water

Best Water Purification Methods for Your home

Just because your public water treatment facility got the best water tasting award does not mean that your tap water will taste as good. In fact, it could taste worst due to several factors from the time treated water leaves the facility through the pipes to your home. Here is how:

  • Bacterial regrowth – Your water can become contaminated with bacteria inside the pipes as it travels to your home.
  • Your house pipe – Plumbing systems can add yucky tastes to your tap water.

Other reasons why you may want to buy a filtration system are:

  • Fluoridation – Some people detest fluoride in water but their public supply system fluoridates water. You need a good filtration method to remove excess fluoride in your drinking water.
  • Alkaline water – Most people prefer alkaline water for medical reasons so they need the good alkaline water filter.

So my advice you can choose an alkaline or reverse osmosis water filter.


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