BWT Designer Austrian Quality Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

Bwt water filter pitcher review

The BWT Designer water filter pitcher (paid link) is what most people loved when they compared the other pitcher. This affordable filter is unique from other pitchers available in the market.

BWT states that 60 percent of U.S. adults aren’t receiving Magnesium from drinking water.

Magnesium is a very essential mineral for the human body. BWT makes it easy for you to drink healthy water.

Besides its budget-friendly price, the wonderful design makes it the best pick. BWT provides an award-winning technology having an advanced filtration system to the market.

The plastic of the water pitcher is completely BPA free. The filtration system takes almost half of the time compared to the competitors.

This makes your life easier so that you don’t have to wait long to quench your thirst.

Reasons why Magnesium Enhanced Water Pitcher is Good for your body

Some adults or even younger ones have a deficiency of Magnesium in their bodies. Which is related to different conditions. For example anxiety, fibromyalgia, ADHD, and more.

Magnesium can enhance your strength and energy level. Even athletes intake this ingredient in their body to boost their energy while they lose water from their body through many forms for example sweating.

Besides Magnesium is very helpful for human hearts. As it helps to cure different diseases related to heart such as chest pain, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, etc.

Features OF BWT Filter Pitcher

BWT Designer Austrian Quality Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

Perfect taste

No chlorine, copper, lead, and scale or any harmful substances available. Giving you the full aroma of tea and coffee.

The water is perfect tasting as it is clean and clear. Like another pitcher, this filter removes the heavy particles but the main difference is that the filter lets you consume Magnesium which another pitcher has a drawback.

Pure water with Magnesium

The water filter mineralizes the water with valuable Magnesium, making it taste natural, balanced, fresh including ranking highest in consumer taste tests around the world. BWT originated in Europe though they have spread their business worldwide.

Comfortable design

This BWT water filter pitcher has a friendly design. It can be easily stored in the fridge due to its sleek design.

BWT Designer Austrian Quality Water Filter Pitcher Reviews


  • Award-winning technology
  • The price is affordable.
  • Quick filtration system
  • BPA free plastic
  • Sleek design


  • Pouring a cup of water may often not be smooth. As the spout design is questionable.
  • While using the filter you may require to clean the pitcher for 10 minutes.

BWT Designer Austrian Quality Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

Customer Experience

The customers reviewed the water pitcher as their favorite. The slim design of the filter, awesome taste of water, and affordability.

BWT Designer Austrian Quality Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Does this come with a filter?


Yes, it comes with 1 filter.


Where is it made in?


BWT products are made in Germany (Europe).


Does this pitcher has an indicator when to change filters


Yes, it has a digital display that tells you how many times you’ve refilled it and flashes when you get close to 100.


Does this have to be used in refrigerator


Not necessarily, you can keep it at room temperature.

bwt water pitcher benefits


Some Reviews from the users

  • I updated the rating from one to three stars, just because I used it for a few more days. While I didn’t use the filter, the pitcher itself is cute and elegant, although small. It also fits in the refrigerator door perfectly.
  • The customer service is also very friendly and timely. I will update the review once the new filter comes in.
  • Affordable, unique but a bit smaller (width) than I thought it would be. The filtering system is quick and the upper chamber is the capacity for the pitcher., which then drains through the filtration system and fills below.
  • When the pitcher is low or empty it may not be stable when placing it in the refrigerator. There is a built-in counter to keep track of usage and a tab to pull up and off to begin keeping track. Water indeed does taste better and having the added magnesium to our body is a plus (after researching that many people have a common depletion of magnesium).

Final Notes

BWT water filter is slim and stylish. Unlike other water filter pitchers, it provides fresh drinking water but it is unique and special.

It has the advanced technology of filtration adding Magnesium in the water making the water more healthy.

Although for the first time you have to clean the pitcher as it includes some black particles. But after that, you can enjoy the constant best performance in its lifetime. Overall using the filter can give you immense satisfaction and comfort.

You may even carry the filter with you wherever you want. It can be the ultimate pure water solution for your family even while you are traveling.


BWT Designer Austrian Quality Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

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