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Fluoride Removal – Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

This recent article in the LA Times demonstrates how shocking and perplexing water fluoridation is. Why are we allowing ourselves to be exposed to a potentially toxic chemical, not to mention being forced to consume it in our drinking water supplied by municipalities? Fluoride has many ramifications – and a long history of being used to alter […]

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Find a great Countertop Water Filter

With everyone becoming more health conscious and trying to increase our water intake, perhaps it is time for us to take a look at what our water has in it. If your tap water comes from a utility service, either privately or publicly owned, chances are your water is filled with chemicals, metals and other […]

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Water Filter Benefits For Healthy Living 2018

Water filter benefits in terms of savings very important reasons to filter your own water. But health benefits are even the best reasons for your home to have a self-filtration system for tap water. You will save on your grocery bills and you will take care of residual harmful chemicals in your tap water. So, be proactive in the […]

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How To Get a Best Water Purification System

A drinking water purification procedure is not just meant for treating contaminated water drinkable. In order to clarify this procedure, you need to realize the various methods and steps required to purify water. The techniques employed in purifying water are used in industrial, commercial, medical, residential sectors; every sector using water for various purposes. To […]

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What is a water filter pitcher

A water filter pitcher is a type of water filtering device that is designed for home use. It is a portable water filter system. Its style is very popular and in the case of the small quantity of water filtered, it‘s expense is low. Water is poured into the upper section of the jug and it is […]

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