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What does Brita filter out of the water?

Brita water filter products are some of the industry’s strongly trusted products, and all this fame can only be attributed to one thing: the Brita name itself. Brita is an expert when it comes to water filtration. The company is currently based in Oakland, California, and is considered as one of the top makers of […]

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5 Easy Ways To Save Water at Home

The water bill isn’t usually the steepest one that you have to pay, but it adds up. That is especially true during the summer, and for those who live in arid climates. However, when it comes to saving water, many of us instantly think that there are major sacrifices involved. As in, lifestyle disrupting changes […]

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Best Water Purification Methods for Your home

purify water for drinking

What Water Purification Methods do you prefer for your drinking water? Are you looking to install a filter system above or under your kitchen counter, to install in your basement? Are you looking for filtration method that can last long so you don’t have to change the filter often? How would you like to cut […]

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how does countertop water filter work

What are the strengths and weaknesses of countertop water filters?  They are very popular in today’s homes. Typically located in kitchens, they are occasionally also installed in bathrooms, RVs, at wet bars and elsewhere. In this house water filtration systems buying guide, you’ll get details about countertop water filters you can use to evaluate them […]

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How Do They Purify Water For Drinking

Water purification method removes unacceptable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water. The aim is supplying water appropriately for a specific purpose. Most importantly water is disinfected for human consumption (drinking water), however, water purification may be designed for a range of different functions, together to fulfill the necessities of medical, medicine, chemical, […]

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