Fluoride Removal – Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

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This recent article in the LA Times demonstrates how shocking and perplexing water fluoridation is.

Why are we allowing ourselves to be exposed to a potentially toxic chemical, not to mention being forced to consume it in our drinking water supplied by municipalities?

Fluoride has many ramifications – and a long history of being used to alter the state of beings…  Did you know that fluoride is used to keep bulls docile? And that this chemical was used in concentration camps to keep the prisoners in a less rebellious state?

Having studied the many issues surrounding the fluoride controversy, I have come to have the realization that this is something we should not be exposed to except on our own terms, at our own discretion.  Fluoride is a big industry and the government’s way of disposing of fluorine gas.

Some critical questions exist:  How can we be sure the municipalities are adding the proper amount of fluoride, never too much or too little?  And how does this fluoride contribute to our daily intake, when combined with dietary sources and kinds of toothpaste?

I want to control my family’s exposure to this chemical, and the water never has a constant amount I can expect to be present.

What if I want to remove the fluoride from my water?  The only water filtration systems especially reverse osmosis that removes the chemical now are reverse osmosis water systems and alumina filters.  Reverse osmosis systems waste water, strip all the healthy minerals, and create a dead taste.

Alumina filter media traps the fluoride, but I had heard that our government wants to charge to have the spent media hauled away as toxic waste!  So I see red flags and hypocrisy – Our government is forcing fluoride on us in our drinking water, and the telling us it is too toxic to throw away in the trash?

Here are a couple of videos about fluoride. Take some time to educate yourself about it.  There is something going on here.


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