How Much Water To Hydrate Your Body Quickly

how much water to hydrate

Your body is amazing. Did you know that Does modern research shows that your bone marrow creates 2.5 million red blood cells every second? Ten liters of digestive juices are produced by your pancreas every day to process the food you eat.

The health of your intestines is maintained by three hundred different strains of bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Your immune system replaces its arsenal every week and has the ability to produce two hundred thousand new immune cells every minute.

Your brain (mainly fat and water) processes continuously complex information through its trillion nerve cells, each connected to a hundred thousand others. And you need proper water intake to manage it all.

Aside from the quality and amount of food that you eat, water is the most important ingredient for health. Studies in the US show that 70 percent of the population is dehydrated enough to affect their health in some way.

Those little annoying symptoms a lot of people experience can usually be alleviated by increasing their drinking water intake.

Recent research indicates that not just any water will do. Body pH is critical to health as the body likes to be in the neutral range to slightly alkaline.

Most bottled water is reverse osmosis water, stripped of everything, including minerals, so it is very acidic to the body.

Most bottled waters are in the 3.0 to 5.0 pH range. Bottled spring water can be in the range of 6.0 to 7.0.

Perfect Water by Amway can be in the neighborhood of 6.0, although in independent tests, I have also seen it lower. All of these waters are still not alkaline enough to provide enough health benefits to the body.

Bottled water is also of too big a cluster size to be absorbed efficiently so most of it goes down the toilet before it can provide your body with much in the way of hydration.

Perfect Water starts out with micro-clustering when it is first bottled but it usually dissipates within 72 hours of being bottled. By the time it hits the store shelves, it is gone, gone, gone.

Tap water, on the other hand, is full of all kinds of vile and toxic chemicals that it is hard to even choke it down, especially when you imagine what could happen inside your body if you should be brave enough to drink it. I threw that option out the window years ago.

The best water to drink is water that is alkaline, ionized, mineralized, micro-clustered, oxygenated and one that has a huge antioxidant potential.

This type of water is rare on the planet today due to overpopulation and pollution. It used to be the norm in all freshwater streams and rivers.

Now, the only way to consistently have access to this type of water is through a machine that sits by or under your kitchen sink. This type of water is called alkaline, ionized water.

Alkaline, ionized water is of course alkaline. The alkalinity is first determined by your source water and by the settings you establish on the machine.

The water is filtered, then mineralized, if your water is very soft, then pushed through an electrolysis unit that splits the water into two streams, one alkaline, the other acid. The water is also filled with tiny oxygen bubbles that absorb instantly, as the water is ingested.

The process also includes breaking the molecule bunches into smaller water cluster sizes. This process is called microclusters. It provides more efficient absorption of fluids through the cell gates and thus optimum hydration.

The process of electrolyzing water is a process of moving around some electrons. The alkaline water that you drink has some extra electrons that are donated to free radicals in the body.

Free radicals are those hyperactive scoundrels that ping other molecules around themselves stealing electrons like frenzied drug addicts.

They need their next fix. The alkaline, ionized water is like millions of Mother Teresa’s donating electrons to the free radicals to heal them.

Once the Mother Teresa’s give out all their electrons, damaged DNA can be repaired, cells can multiply without defects and the body can stop turbo-aging. Then, all the miraculous things that your body does, can be done so well, that you feel great.


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