How To Use Water Softener At Home

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The tap waters are usually much cleaner where they are filtered and stored. As you receive the water through a long pipeline the water gets contaminated. There are various ways in which the contamination process takes place.

Also, the bottled water is not often safe 100 percent. The bottles are usually made of plastic. At varying temperatures, the plastic injects toxic chemicals into the water.

To ensure the best quality of drinking water we should use water softener in our home. because This guide is about how to use a water softener.

How to Setup your Water Filter

There are different types of pitchers for Home or Office by various manufacturers. You might have whole house water filtration or mini water filter system. Depending on various factors. Which water filter you should choose is a whole other guideline that we discussed in the article, which water filter you should choose.

Before starting to set up the water filter you would like to wash your hands with clean water. Depending on the brand and model you have purchased the setup process may vary a bit.

Brita Water Filter Maxtra Cartridges

First, unbox all of the equipment that comes inside the water filter box. Inside the box, you get a jug and a filter. Depending on the model you are about to receive more cartridges than you need. You will also receive a filter container.

Fill in the jug with about half of the water. Next place in the Brita cartridge inside the water. Give it a shake so the air bubbles are removed. Keep it for a few minutes. Now take the cartridge out and tip the water. Empty the jug.

Place the filter contained from the top of the jug. Insert the Brita cartridge firmly inside. You should make sure there is no gap.

The filter itself is made in such a way that it should fit in quite nicely. There is nothing to worry about. Do not push it too much or it might damage the body of the filter.

Then, add cold water to fill the pitcher or jug to capability. Allow the water to drain inside the jug. Remove the water from the pitcher.

Again, fill in the container and remove the water. This process should be followed for every Brita filters when you are using a new Cartridge.

Depending on the usage you can determine when to change the filter. When the water does not taste like filtered water and the indicator itself will let you know when its time to change it. Usually, it goes for 1 or 2 months. Or again, maybe more depending on the usage.

Notice, in order to make the most from the filter, it is essential to collect the water from a clean supply of water, as much as possible.

How to take care of your filter for long-lasting use

If your water pitcher is attached with the walls there are a few pipes through which the water flows inside different components. If you try to move your filter often the joint of the pitchers can loosen itself and water leakage may occur. To avoid such an unwanted situation it is better not to move your pitcher more often.

Make sure to change the cartridge when its time

It’s essential to change the cartridge when its time. The cartridge is the initial process of the filtration system. If the cartridge is not changed at the due time it will allow passage of unwanted particles inside the filter. Inside the filter, there are more important components like membrane that can cause damage. So, take care of this issue.

Clean your filter

It’s necessary to wash your filter components every after one or two months. Due to the water passage and filtration process, the components are needed to be cleaned. But please be you are washing the components that are okay to be cleaned. As some of the components might have a causing indication in somewhere of its body written: “Should not be cleaned with water”. Be careful about that.

Installation and Taking care of your water Filter

In the following article, we have discussed how to install your water filter. And how you should maintain your water pitcher for longer lasting usage. Check out our other articles on detailed guidelines all about your favorite water filter.


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