KAZ INC PUR 2 stage Dispenser Water Filter Review

Some days ago we are looking a water filter at Amazon.thats name KAZ INC PUR 2 stage Dispenser Water Filter.this Filter made in the USA. it’s made of plastic and this product customer review 150 plus.

so we have a lot of research and testing this filter.We get that very well and health full.so we have reviewed This Filter.

KAZ INC. PUR 2-stage Dispenser Water Filter Review

Water filters cannot only improve the style of your water, however, will give healthier water also.

Over the years, filter pitchers have to turn into a progressively common product, one that several families choose to confine their homes.

The filtration system prevents any harmful bacterium or alternative contaminants from coming into the water that you simply drink.

This water pitcher filter is sure to take away nearly 100 percent of all small microorganism and microbial cysts.

It’ll greatly reduce the quantity of lead, mercury, and chlorine, leaving you with a healthier drink and a much better taste.

This filter will hold 18 8-oz. cups of water, creating it so you rarely got to refill. It comes with a good running nozzle, creating it more like a device.

You’ll be able to simply keep the filter in the refrigerator at all times, and easily press the lever whereas holding your cup underneath to possess pure water flow out.

It’s designed in an exceedingly sleek and slim form, making it simple to store in those smaller cubbies within the refrigerator.

This pitcher comes with a special replacement tray that equally distributes weight and makes it lots easier to hold.

The connected filter removes twice a lot of contaminants than its direct competitors.

Per filter, this pitcher will last for over forty gallons of water. You never have to worry regarding running out of refined water throughout massive family dinners or guest events.

Not solely will it take away the pollution of your water, however, it makes bound to leave the healthy chemicals in – like fluoride, as an example.


  • Brand: PUR
  • Name: 18 Cup Water Filter Dispenser
  • Model: DS-1800Z
  • Type: Water Filter
  • Height: 10.25
  • Width: 15.75
  • Depth: 5.63


  • Holds 18 8-oz cups (1.125 gallons) of healthy, great-tasting water
  • Removes an average of 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals The only pitcher filter that has been tested to remove up to an average of 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals
  • Slim, space-saving design makes optimal use of refrigerator shelf
  • Fits conveniently in the sink for refilling with a special fill-tray design that helps distribute weight and handles that make it easy to fill and carry
  • Water filter provides up to 40 gallons of clean water

KAZ INC PUR 2 stage Dispenser Water Filter Review


  • It improves the odor and taste of water.
  • It has wonderful price-to-quality ratio
  • The process of filtration takes only a number of seconds


  • Leaking of filter
  • Unsatisfied customer service

Reasons to buy now

  • Slim design fits neatly in your refrigerator.
  • Holds 18 cups of water. You won’t refill as often as other brands.
  • Removes bad taste and smell from water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the dimensions of this dispenser?


The approximate dimensions are 15 1/2″ long, about 10″ tall and about 5″wide. I find it fits very nicely in the fridge and doesn’t take up that much space.


Has anyone used this to filter out the sulfur in their water?


It’s the best I have found for good water. I found the faucet attachments do not do the trick and the smaller pitchers’ carbon is not strong enough.

The Final Verdict

Many peoples of Amazon said that the owner’s manual says if the spigot drips to create sure nothing is touching it but doesn’t state what to try to if it’s within the outdoors.

Are going to be a line of work per concerning this and hopefully, they’ll create it right, if not, well, guess can be going back to wherever it came from and that they will continue their pitcher.

There they are! The most effective water filters pitchers on the earth nowadays. The time has returned to create your health a high priority by ensuring that you simply drink and use healthy, great-tasting water.

Of course, you wish the on top of innovative units to realize those clean and safe results. So, scan the on top of reviews and choose that one you wish to require a home for healthy drinking expertise.



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