Pur 11-cup Water Filter Pitcher Review in 2020

pur water filter pitcher review

After much time researching, we have reviewed the most popular water pitcher filter that name is the pur 11-cup water filter pitcher(paid link).

we are given here the reason for pick pur pitcher, Features, benefits, the positive side, and a negative side and customer experience about this pitcher and final advice for you.

I hope this pitcher will be good for you because this pitcher likes many people. and it’s getting the 5.0-star rating at the Amazon.so see pur water filter pitcher review.

Introduction of pur 11-cup water filter pitcher review
pur water filter pitcher review

PUR water filtration uses a unique formulation approach maxion technologies for maximum contaminant reduction by blending carbon and ion exchange materials.

The drinking water purification technology has come to a new era nowadays. With the rising pollution and use of chemicals in our daily lives, starting from aid to agriculture, pure drinking water has become one of the most vital concerns of our daily lives.

Why we pick PUR water filter pitcher

pur water filter pitcher reviews

The foundation of our health is based on clean drinking water. PUR pitchers with MAXION technology is the ultimate solution that turns your ordinary tap water into clean, delicious drinking water.

The govt. does its best to present North American nation access to clean water, the chemicals added throughout its purification may spoil the taste of the water.

Water purifiers play a crucial role here, by removing each, harmful contaminants and therefore the chemicals that spoil the taste of the drink. PUR provides pitcher and faucet filters, whereas it is more popular for its faucet filters.

On average, the human body contains approximately 60% of water and all of its systems depend on it to function properly. So water purification is our main concern to maintain a healthy body and great fitness.

Drinking straight from the tap water is never safe. PUR water pitcher reduces many contaminants including trace levels of pharmaceuticals found in tap water.

pur water filter review


  • Removes 96% of Mercury and 95% of Certain Industrial Pollutants as well as 94% of Certain Pharmaceuticals
  • Thumb-Activated Easy-Fill Lid for Simplicity
  • Includes One Bpa-Free water pitcher that holds Eleven 8 Oz glasses of water and one Pitcher Filter providing up to 40 gallons of freshwater
  • Certified To remove 95% of Mercury& reduces Chlorine
  • Thumb-activated manual lid opening
  • Easy Fill Lid
  • 1 The filter provides up to 100 gallons (2 to 3 months) of clean water

pur water filter pitcher filtering water

 Benefits of Using PUR Water Pitcher

  1. Great taste: The PUR Classic 11-Cup Pitcher makes it easy for you to get clean, the delicious water right from your fridge.
  2. It is recommended that pitcher filters should be replaced every 40 gallons or every two months to maintain maximum contaminant removal. Changing your filter frequently is crucial once it involves removing contaminants, a clean filter means clean water. This specific model will assist you to know when to change the MAXION filter as it has a built-in LED filter-life indicator. It will help you a lot ensuring your pitcher is always providing the cleanest water possible.
  3. PUR faucet purifiers come in two main varieties – ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’, depending on the efficiency of purification. The primary mechanism of PUR and other water filter is almost similar. PUR is slightly different as it involves an additional step, water passes over selected minerals while filtering.

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pur water filter review



✔It removes microbial cysts

✔Its three-stage process ensures a high efficiency

✔It has an attractive design

✔ Reasonable price according to performance

✔ Taste of the purified water is better from other competitors in the market


  • These filters require frequent cartridge replacements compared to other filters.
  • Its complex purification process takes a long time to deliver purified water.


pur water filter quality

Customer Experience

  • My tap water has the chlorine taste in it and these solve it. Leaves water tasting great.
  • It takes up an appropriate space in your fridge, but among similar filters, this is among the best for the price. I am very happy with this system.
  • We probably drink an entire pitcher’s worth of water every day at my house. The LED filter status light *just* turned yellow (change filter soon), a month to the day after we started using it. I feel like that’s a good filter life.

Final Notes

The choice between PUR water pitcher and other filters like Brita it is much obvious that PUR has better accuracy and is not particularly expensive.

It also has a formidable market reputation too. It does not just filter out chlorine it also filters 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals, 95% of Mercury.

Going with PUR will surely not disappoint you. Its user-friendliness also keeps it on top as the pitcher is sturdy and designed to fit easily on a refrigerator shelf or door.

You may drink the filtered water without any hesitation and use it for cooking and other appliances spontaneously.

Pur 11-cup Water Filter Pitcher Review in 2020

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