Water Filter Benefits For Healthy Living 2018

Water filter benefits in terms of savings very important reasons to filter your own water. But health benefits are even the best reasons for your home to have a self-filtration system for tap water.

You will save on your grocery bills and you will take care of residual harmful chemicals in your tap water. So, be proactive in the year 2018, enjoy the benefits of the savings and health benefits of water filters. Switch to filtered water instead of bottled water.

Enough has been written about the environmental effect of bottled water. The harmful effects of empty plastic bottles far outweigh the small convenience of bottled water.

All water filters are not created equal. So it’s important to invest in the best filtration system that will save you money. You want to also buy a system that can take care of all major contamination in your water very effectively.

Despite the best efforts of water treatment plant operators to supply the best drinking water, your tap water may still be contaminated with varieties of residual harmful chemicals such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Chromium 6, Disinfection By-Products (DBPs), and other cancer-causing chemicals.

If you like to cut your grocery bills and get rid of harmful chemicals in your tap water in 2018, you can start with your own filtration system.

Make it your 2018 resolution to take advantage of water filter benefits using a top-rated filtration system. Good health is wealth, and it starts by filtering your own water.

A lot of people use drinking water filters. A lot of people don’t. A lot of people argue that bottled water is the best. A lot of people argue that it is as bad as tap water. And a lot of people argue for and against the different types of water filters available in the market, one common example is a kitchen faucet filter.

The bottom line is – you are confused. Let’s face it. It is really hard to find a good water filter if you are bombarded with different types of opinions about water filters. So, to make things easier, I’ve done something for you.

In this article, I’ve compiled some of the most important points made by doctors and experts in the field of water purification. After reading this, you should be able to make a well-informed decision about drinking water filters. So, shall we get started?

  1. First of all, you should realize that it is very, very important to have a drinking water filter. You just can’t afford to take the risk of drinking tap water or even bottled water for that matter. So, the best choice is to buy a good water filter. So, don’t hesitate to buy one.
  2. The list of waterborne diseases that you can get by drinking unsafe water is simply endless. Especially, it is very risky when it comes to children. So, a good tap water filter can be a very good investment in your family’s health.
  3. Not all drinking water filters are good. Some are good, some are bad, and some are simply useless. You need to buy the best possible product to stay away from the risk of water-borne diseases.
  4. Reverse osmosis, the point of use distillation, and active carbon block filtration are the three most commonly used methods to purify water. Among these three, active carbon block filtration is considered the best by doctors and experts in this field.
  5. Reverse osmosis and point of use distillation are not capable of removing all types of contaminants found in water. Moreover, they also tend to destroy the essential minerals present in water. So, if you are using an RO unit or a point of use distillation unit, you are basically drinking de-mineralized water which is not good for your health.
  6. Active carbon filters are good at removing all types of contaminants and they also retain the essential minerals present in water. So, they are considered the best in the market today.

So, there you go people. This is what experts say about drinking water filters. So, if you are thinking of buying a water filter, you know what you should look out for, right?


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