What is a water filter pitcher

water filter pitcher is a type of water filtering device that is designed for home use. It is a portable water filter system.

Its style is very popular and in the case of the small quantity of water filtered, it‘s expense is low. Water is poured into the upper section of the jug and it is passed through a filter which then flows into the main canister.

Fundamentally the water filter pitcher is a jug water filter with additional sections that are located on the top of the pitcher. A deep structure is set into the pitcher and this structure supports a carbon filter.

Water is drawn directly from the tap into a cradle while water flows through the filter and then flows to the bottom of the pitcher. There is a cover with an opening attachment which is called a lift that fits on the top of the pitcher.

The working of a carbon filter is miraculous. There are several cartridges that house an activated carbon filter.

The sediment and impurities of water are trapped in the cartridge by carbon particles. Activated carbon means activated coal that is a form of carbon which is processed in such a manner that it becomes porous.

The filter which contains most activated carbons will decrease the amount of zinc, mercury, copper, chlorine and other sediments in the water. Some are so effective that it removes lead from water.

There are several types of water filter pitcher are found in the market by different companies. They differ by styles, working method, and performance. Listed below is a review of the most common brands.

Brita is the most commonly used pitcher water filter. It is easy to use for its edge-top cover. It can fit easily in the refrigerator due to its compact size. WQA certifies the filter for its capability to reduce zinc, copper, mercury, and cadmium.

Brita is another type of filter. A longer lasting filter is slotted in this type of filter. The replacement time is indicated by a digital reading indicator. These filters are very quick acting.

It is very effective in removing chlorine from the water where chlorine is much more than average. The filtered water tests hard.

Pure water filter pitcher is much better than other filters if reduction rate of impurities is preferred leading.

Its setup is relatively uncomplicated. The aerator attachment should be placed at the right position before the hose is used. Two threaded adaptors keep everything attached. Due to pressure from a faucet, the water flows through the filter very quickly.

Its advantage is that the filter is less porous but water can easily flow through the filter. Solid carbon block filters can be used instead of carbon granule filters which are effective to remove contaminants.

Its main advantage is its simplicity to use and portability. It requires less effort on your behalf. The consumers just have to buy the pitcher and filter. Then during the period of using it, you merely have to change the filter periodically while scrubbing the pitcher, cradle, and lid occasionally.

Considering several aspects as seen in the water filter pitcher, it is much more cost-efficient and reliable for home use than any other filtration system.


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