Why You Need a Water Filter System For Home

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Water everywhere and yet not a drop to drink. It stands very much true in the age we are living in. There is so much water around us and yet there is a dearth of pure & healthy water.

Tap water has not been pure for a long time now and according to research bottled water is also being considered unsafe for drinking.so today we discussed why you Need a Water Filter System For Home.

Tap water or municipal water has contaminants that can cause some of the most lethal diseases in children as well as adults. These contaminants are not natural; they are artificial or created by industries.

The most common contaminant found in the tap waters is Nitrate. Nitrate is one of the several chemicals used in fertilizers and it poses a considerable threat to infants.

It is considered dangerous because once inside the body, it gets converted into nitrites and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Once there, they prevent the hemoglobin from carrying oxygen, which leads to death.

Some of the other harmful contaminants in tap water include radio-nuclides from underlying rock, fluoride, and heavy metals that contain the considerable amount of cadmium, arsenic, chromium, selenium, and lead.

Some of the lethal contaminants come from fertilizers and pesticides and there is the ever-increasing threat from industrial wastes.

As a result of this, people have turned to bottled water especially with companies marketing the bottled mineral waters aggressively. But is bottled water safe?

According to laboratory tests and research conducted by NRDC, different types of chemical contaminants were found in several brands of bottled water. One of the primary contaminants found in the Coliform Bacteria.

Coliform Bacteria consists of harmful and harmless types and bottled water has the harmful bacteria called E. coli, which can cause infections, diarrhea, and other serious illness in both children and adults.

Another element found in bottled water is Arsenic, which is a human carcinogen. Arsenic poisoning on a prolonged basis can lead to death and in a short-term period, it can cause severe skin problems and infection in the reproductive system.

Nitrate is also there in the bottled water, which has been responsible for the blue baby syndrome in infants.

Another dangerous chemical found in bottled water is Trihalomethanes, which causes pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, and can lead to birth defects.

If you are wondering how to fight all this because water is a necessity then the answer is simple.

You can use a home water filter system, which can destroy different types of harmful contaminants and make water safe for drinking.

After all, who wouldn’t want their child to have a great future and who wouldn’t want their children to grow up to become healthy adults.

There are four different types of home water filter system. They are faucet mounted filters, pitcher filters, under sink filters and whole house filters. When the tap water passes through the filtration system then it is removed of contaminants like:

Inorganic Chemicals
Organic Chemicals

So if you think those bottled water ads are cool then think again because the water isn’t!

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