drinking water to lose weight fast

Do you need drinking water to lose weight fast and keep stubborn fat off? Sure you do! Doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, fitness coaches all agree after monitoring water intake to see if it affects body fat reduction. What they mostly found was that drinking water to lose weight reduced body fat by increasing the ability of […]

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Fluoride Removal – Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

This recent article in the LA Times demonstrates how shocking and perplexing water fluoridation is. Why are we allowing ourselves to be exposed to a potentially toxic chemical, not to mention being forced to consume it in our drinking water supplied by municipalities? Fluoride has many ramifications – and a long history of being used to alter […]

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Find a great Countertop Water Filter

With everyone becoming more health conscious and trying to increase our water intake, perhaps it is time for us to take a look at what our water has in it. If your tap water comes from a utility service, either privately or publicly owned, chances are your water is filled with chemicals, metals and other […]

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Choose a Reverse Osmosis For Well Water At Home

Water filters are becoming essential household needs due to the increasingly concerned about the quality of our drinking water. Poor countries around the world are in dire need of good drinking water. You must read the manufacturer’s descriptions for the specific contaminants a water filter is designed to remove. Also, look to see if the […]

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Home master reverse osmosis water filter reviews 2019

The Home Master reverse osmosis water purification system is one of the highest-rated water filters by the consumers. It has the perfect water filtration technology with a remineralization filter. This additional stage of filtration will give you a fresher taste of water. Dissolved solids, metals and harmful chemicals are eliminated from the water up to […]

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